About us

Frigo Fernelmont is a modern cold-storage and freezing warehouse specializing in bulk storage and warehousing of fresh and frozen products. The products concerned include agricultural products such as carrots, chicory roots, seed potatoes, … in the segment of fresh products and already processed products such as meat, butter, vegetables, fruit … in the segment of frozen products.

frigo-fernelmont-gebouwenThe entire complex covers an area of 5.5 ha with a cold-storage capacity of more than 176,000 m³. This capacity is divided over 15 units, 8 of which can be used for both cooling and freezing. Our spacious supply halls allow for quick loading and unloading.

The agricultural products are stored in wooden crates of 2 m³ where the product is kept in the best possible conditions. Furthermore these crates allow for smooth and efficient handling and ease of use. Frigo Fernelmont has more than 44,000 of these crates of 2 m³ that can be used during the storage period; in addition our customers may use their own crates for their product storage.

team-frigofernelmont materiaal-frigofernelmont

With respect to the frozen segment, on the one hand there is a possibility of bulk storage of pallets, barrels or crates and on the other hand we have installed a modern racking system for the storage of non-stackable goods.

With cold-storage units that are insulated in the best possible way and a modern ammonia- CO2 cooling system any target temperature per product can be obtained, thus guaranteeing the quality and shelf life of each and every product. The cooling temperatures vary from +10°C to –2°C; the freezing temperature in general is –18°C but storage is possible up to –28°C.

In addition to the cold-storage and warehousing activities Frigo Fernelmont also offers the possibility of product treatment, such as e.g. sorting chicory roots, pre-sorting carrots, accepting and delivering agricultural products in bulk or crates.

Throughout the warehousing process we remain in close contact with the customer and will respond to his wishes and requirements. With our continuous product monitoring and control system we are always seeking to provide the best possible warehousing for everyone’s product.

Frigo Fernelmont wishes you a lot of fun visiting our website.