With a total cooling capacity of 110,000 m³ Frigo Fernelmont is one of the major warehouses.  Our modern equipment allows us to sustain the desired cooling regime for each and every product.

The products that are cold-stored from +5°C to -5°C include :



Carrots or winter carrots for warehousing are harvested in October - November. The crates are filled on the field and without any additional processing are brought directly into the cold store. Modern equipment and a large loading and unloading space allow for a very smooth storage process. A storage capacity in peak periods of 2,000 crates a day is no problem for us.

Once cooled up to 1 to 2°C, the carrots can be stored until the month of June. Thanks to a continuous temperature and product control, ventilation system and humid cell climate we can ensure that the carrots retain their best quality.

In addition to the supply and collection of carrots in crates, we also offer the possibility of receipt and delivery in bulk. By means of a hopper, store loader and crate loader the trucks are quickly loaded and your carrots can be de-soiled and delivered in crates.

Chicory roots


Frigo Fernelmont mainly focuses on the long-term warehousing of chicory roots. Thanks to our modern machinery we can offer the best warehousing conditions. Ask for our references!

From October until December chicory roots can be supplied, either in crates that go directly into the cooling unit or in bulk, which is yet to be sorted. We offer year-round warehousing services without any quality loss. A constant temperature in the crates after cooling, a continuous temperature and product control and a specialized humidification system allow for perfect warehousing conditions up to the month of September. There is no risk of sprouting, drying out or rot at our facilities.

Seed potatoes


Are you interested in storing your consumption potatoes? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

Other products...


In addition to our principal products (carrots, chicory roots and seed potatoes), our warehousing activities also include leek, onions, celeriac,…

For each and every product we will look for the best possible warehousing conditions, to everyone’s satisfaction.