vriezen Cold-storage and freezing warehouse Frigo Fernelmont has over 75,000 m³ of units, that can easily switch from cooling to freezing temperatures. Therefore it is possible to quickly respond to the customer’s demand. When we have spare cooling space and we need more freezing space, we just turn the valve and let the temperature drop, in function of what the customer needs, from –18°C to –28°C.

Every year we reserve a freezing space for the storage of a few thousand tonnes of frozen butter. Once they have been deep-frozen, the pallets are stacked on top of each other; also other stackable products in crates or barrels are stored at our facilities.
There is also a freezing space for storage of non-stackable goods in a modern racking system.

All handling of the goods is realized using electric forklifts; for the loading and unloading of freezer trucks we have 2 loading bays.