Frigo Fernelmont was founded in 1999 for the storage of winter carrots, chicory roots and frozen products. 10 cold-storage units, a transhipment hall and a machinery room were built. The units are equipped both for cooling and freezing activities. The capacity is 92,000 m³ or 29,000 crates.

In 2000 the transhipment hall is also equipped with evaporators so that also in this facility carrots can be stored, thus raising the capacity up to 120,000 m³ or 36,000 crates.

In 2005 wordt een hal van 3000 m² gebouwd om de lege kisten in te stapelen en wortelen los gestort te verladen. In deze hal worden de kisten 12 hoog op elkaar gestapeld.

Year after year there is an increase in demand for carrot storage and chicory root sorting. In order to respond to this increasing demand, in 2005 a cold-storage unit of 11,500 m³ or 3,300 crates and a hall for sorting chicory roots are added. The supplied carrots and chicory roots are nicely separated so that the work can be performed more efficiently.

The growing of Belgian carrots was increasing and a further extension of our storage space was necessary. In 2016 the adjacent land is purchased where a new cold store with corresponding machinery room is erected. This part of the cold store is only intended for the warehousing of carrots and has a capacity of 45,000 m³ or 11,500 crates. The total capacity thus amounts to 50,000 crates, 44,000 of which are actually being used. The rest of the space is preserved for freezing activities at -18°C.